Speech of H. E. Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, at the High-level Ministerial Meeting on the Humanitarian Situation in Afghanistan

BM Cenevre Ofisi Daimi Temsilciliği 13.09.2021

Mr. Secretary-General, Dear Colleagues,

-Let me also start by thanking the Secretary-General for organizing this meeting at this critical time.

-We will continue to monitor the full implications of the recent transition of power in Afghanistan.

-We should act collectively to help the Afghan people and manage the crisis.

-But now our priority should be on the humanitarian front.

-We all heard of the alarming figures.

-A third of the Afghan people are faced with hunger. Nearly half of the population are in need of urgent humanitarian aid.

-The signs of an impending economic crisis are everywhere and flashing red.

Dear Colleagues,

-Since the 1920s, Turkey has contributed to the stabilization and development efforts in Afghanistan, including the education of girls and empowerment of women.

-We provide humanitarian aid today through the Turkish Red Crescent. And, we will continue our support as conditions on the ground get better.

-Our Embassy in Kabul is operational and my colleagues are working on the humanitarian files.

—Certainly, we need collective action.

-We support the Secretary-General’s call to mobilize an effective response.

-The precondition for this is security: Humanitarian aid agencies should be able to operate safely and have smooth access to those in need.

-We hope that the current authority in Afghanistan will do its part.

—Another vital component for any relief effort is the functioning of the Kabul Airport.

-As we have done for the last 6 years, we are ready to offer our experience and expertise in cooperation with Qatar to keep the Airport operational.

Dear Colleagues,

-At the same time, we have to be realistic and keep a long-term perspective.

-Any sustainable solution requires functioning state institutions.

-We note the recently announced caretaker government. The Taliban stated that this is a transitional government.

-We hope for a genuinely inclusive one, representing all segments of the society.

Dear Secretary-General,

-Delivering humanitarian aid to the Afghan people is a moral duty.

-And, the physical distance between our nations and Afghanistan should not mislead us: a humanitarian and security crisis in Afghanistan will have direct implications across the globe.

-So, we should take collective action now.

Thank you.


Güven Begeç Ambassador

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